How much something can cost is a huge deciding factor, and we’re glad you’re doing your research! Bathroom remodels can have a wide range of pricing depending on many factors. 

In this post, you can discover how much a bathroom remodel costs. You can also find the main reasons the cost can change.

How Much Bathroom Remodeling Costs

How much a bathroom remodel costs can range from about $15,000 to $60,000 and up. The price mostly depends on the complexity of the job, size, material choice, and if any plumbing is being moved. 

Basic Bathroom Remodeling Cost- $25,000. You can get a fresh paint job, new stock vanities, and fixtures. This can also include replacing your bathtub, flooring, and wall tile.

Average Bathroom Remodeling Cost- $35,000. You can get a new double-sink vanity, tiled shower with glass enclosure. This can also include, a new floor, a fresh paint job, lighting, and new plumbing fixtures.

High-End Bathroom Remodeling Cost- $45,000 and up. You can get a custom tile shower with glass enclosure. You can also choose heated flooring and even curb less shower . This can also include changing your lighting scheme and giving it smart controls as well as premium vanity and tile.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the factors below. You can get an exact quote for your unique bathroom remodel if you get an in-house consultation.

Job complexity- The more work there is for us to do the higher the cost to remodel your bathroom will be. Changing the layout is a very common request we get while updating just the look tends to cost less. If you want to move plumbing the price tends to go up.

Size of the space- Large and small bathroom remodel prices can vary between low and high. Larger bathrooms tend to take more time, and materials.  Smaller bathrooms can still have high prices if you choose more expensive materials or have a more complex project.

Material choice- It’s like choosing the Ritz or the Comfort Inn. Both places give you a bed and you can get breakfast, but I'm going to bet you will have a better rest and meal in one and not the other. There are stock, semi-custom, or custom materials, each has a different price point and with that will give you a different experience.

Damages. We often find damages before or during remodels. Water damage and wood rot are very common. While it usually isn't so serious like your house is going to fall down, we recommend fixing them before moving forward. If we find anything, we’ll call you to discuss the next steps.

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