What Is A Change Order?

Change orders

What is a change order? In the simplest terms a change order is a change to the scope of work that was agreed before hand. We are going to chat about the photo above and work through it to show you the solution that was implemented. 

Problems come up when you are remodeling or fixing houses. In the photo above you can see the drain runs through the joists. That is a big no no in the framing world because it weakens the joist when you drill through it.

We would love to have X-ray vision to see every problem and address it but unfortunately we don't have that super power.  

What would that translate for you? The tile above it would crack from the floor moving whenever someone stepped on it. It might take years but eventually it would happen. Would someone fall through the floor? Not likely but the floor would feel squishy when you step on it. 

In this particular case the there were a few options we had to solve this problem. Relocated the entire shower, relocate the drains and re run the plumbing, or use steel to reinforce the framing. Using steel to reinforce was by far the cheapest option in this case. 

After we find a problem typically we will let the home owner know about it, come up with a solution, show them the added cost and have them sign off on it. (This one above was $350 some can be more some can be less) 

The other situation we commonly run into is the homeowner wants to change something or move something. For example if the homeowner did want to change the tile that they selected after it is already on the wall that would be another example of a change order to remove it and put new tile up. The added cost would be shown signed off on and the work would be started. 

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