What Kind Of Tile Should I Use For My Bathroom Remodel?

So you are thinking about Remodeling your Bathroom. The first thoughts usually are color, what kinds of tile do you like the look or feel of, and other cosmetic choices. But when you start the next steps and aren't just pinning stuff on your Pinterest board anymore what are the actually differences? 

Ok. What to choose? They both look and feel almost identical. Why does one cost more than the other?

One way they are different is in how porous they are. Porcelain tiles are dense and are less porous than ceramic. What does that mean? Porcelain tiles are far less water permeable. When it comes to foot traffic or use in a shower Porcelain is a more durable material. 

This makes porcelain an ideal choice for bathroom applications. If you were just doing a backsplash in a kitchen you could easily use ceramic. 

So what are some of the pros and cons? 

Porcelain tile is more expensive, harder to cut and work with, but much more durable.  

Ceramic tile tends to be cheaper, easy to cut, install and not as tough as porcelain. 

So what should you choose? 

Both are good products and it really comes down to the use the space will get. If it is a guest bathroom that is used only occasionally I would recommend ceramic. If you want to redo your shower floor and it is used everyday in my mind porcelain is the only way to go.    

About the author 

Bill Wockenfuss

Bill is a Remodeling and General Contractor located in Colchester VT Serving the Greater Burlington Vermont Area