Window and Door Replacement

New Windows And Doors To Improve Your Home’s Comfort And Appeal

Enjoy The View In Comfort  

What would it be like if you had that better view in your kitchen? A window that you can open easily instead of struggling with it? Or one with a great view of the lake or the kids playing outside while you are getting dinner ready?

Modern Windows and Doors will change the whole curb appeal of your house and keep the cold winter drafts out. 

A Great Door That Keeps The Draft Out And Looks Amazing

Envision a new door that opens and closes easily with out slamming it shut. A Classic looking front door that welcomes you home, or a beautiful full glass back door that shows your relaxing backyard.

Or a great set of windows and doors is a total game-changer and give your home that awesome open feel. Upgrading these exterior features with make you more comfortable if you have friends over or are just hanging out with family.

And if you are a fan of technology modern windows and doors features are now available where before you could only get if you imported them from Europe. 

Common Window And Door Upgrades 

  • Multi Point Locking System
  • Triple Pane 
  • Smart Home Compatible
  • Low-Maintenance Extruded Aluminum Exteriors
  • Upgrades Hinges And Hardware
  • Motorized Opener


Let’s transform your vision for everything your home could be into reality. Our easy process is designed specifically for you and your peace of mind.

Phone Consultation

Get in touch with us and tell us about your project. We’ll get back to you for a phone consultation to make sure we're on the same page with all the details.

Get To Work

We get the fine details sorted out start working on your project and make sure to keep you updated and informed every step of the way.

Enjoy Your Home

Once your project is complete get ready to unwind, relax, and enjoy a home that looks and feels just like you want.


Single Window Installation*


Includes complete new vinyl or fiberglass window installation. 

Large or Double (Mullioned) Window Installation


Includes new window installation complete with frame restoration. 

High End Window Installation*


Includes new window installation complete with Triple Pane Super High Efficiency and custom Trim Options 

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your window and your choice of materials and upgrades. You’ll receive an exact price for your unique install after the in-house consultation.


Basic Entry Door Installation*


Includes complete new door installation

Average Entry Door Installation


Includes new door installation complete with frame restoration.

High End Door Installation*


Includes new door installation complete with custom trim and frame restoration

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your window or doors and your choice of materials and upgrades. You’ll receive an exact price for your unique install after the in-house consultation.

What Our Customers Say

Had some water damage to a single floor board by my sliding glass door. No one in St. Albans would come look and replace the board. Bill responded quickly... Little did we know, this floor board turned out to be a much larger problem. The sliding door had been leaking and growing mold since it was installed 3 years ago! Simple board replacement ended up being new French doors and flooring. Bill did a great job and will hiring again for other projects.

Sarah Marak

St Albans VT

The satisfying whoosh that my new door makes tells me I am no longer throwing away money on a drafty door, all thanks to Bill! I live in a drafty farmhouse as many people in Vermont do, and my old door was little more than a nuisance for cold air as it streamed into my house. Along comes Bill, helpful, knowledgeable, punctual, and reasonably priced to help fix my problem. By the end of the day, I had a fantastic near air tight door complete with a beautiful storm door for added heat savings!

I can't recommend him highly enough, because not only is he extremely capable, he's also an all around great person to work with!

Christopher Triolo

Waterbury VT 

Bill installed a bathroom mirror cabinet and the project went very well. There were some complications with a vent pipe in the wall and he had a good solution for it. He cleaned the space when he was finished and everything looked great.

Isaac J. Bromley

New North End Burlington VT